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Techmate For Business

Techmate has a wide range of offerings for your business

No two businesses are the same. Whether you need a full service IT company or just someone to call when something breaks, we are sized and flexible enough to meet any need.

 Managed IT Services

We can be your 'in-house' IT department, handling upgrades, security, backups, and on-demand employee help desk needs.

 Cyber Security

PCI compliance, Disaster Recovery plans, HIPAA and ISO compliance, and secure backups can save you money and diminish legal risk.

 Networking and VPN

So your computers and printers talk to each other, employees can access shared resources from home or in the field, and your building has seamless wifi coverage.

 Help Desk and Break/Fix

If your needs aren't so large and you just want someone to call when you have a problem, we can be your resource.

 Email and Web Hosting

Techmate is a Microsoft 365 reseller and tenant management company. For reliable, secure, and robust email with calendar and file sharing integration to keep your team organized.

 On/Off Site Backups

Techmate can set up your organization with a shared device to keep your files secure and accessible from anywhere. Recover from a disaster such as a stolen computer, a failed drive, malware attacks, or a natural disaster.

 New Equipment Sales

Techmate is a partner with a variety of vendors including Dell and Synology. We can make upgrading equipment a walk in the park.

 Mesh WiFi

WiFi is a neccessity in today's world. Ramp up your business with a mesh system that will provide fast, reliable Wifi to 100% of your facility.


We live in a world where cameras are everywhere. They protect our property, grant peace of mind, and they provide protection from lawsuits and mishaps. Protect your business, protect your assets, and protect your staff.

Other Services

  • Website Hosting/Building
  • Coding - Special Applications
  • Special Projects Others Won't Touch