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 New and Used Equipment Sales

Keep your equipment updated by purchasing new hardware through Techmate. Techmate can build you a mind blowing custom build that will last you for years. A custom build will allow you to do what you want quickly. Think of the fastest computer you've ever owned and now multiply that by 100.

Did you know that Techmate can replace equipment within your organization with no downtime? We will clone an existing machine while it's still being used, plant that image in a new machine and come to the office and switch out the old with the new. Absolutely NO Downtime!!

Why should you keep your equipment updated?

Enhanced Performance

Updated equipment tends to perform better, providing faster speeds, improved efficiency, and better functionality. This results in increased productivity for employees, allowing them to work more effectively.


Many updates include security patches and fixes for vulnerabilities. Outdated equipment is more susceptible to security breaches and cyber attacks, posing a risk to sensitive company data.


Updated equipment is more likely to be compatible with new software, applications, and peripherals. It ensures that employees can use the latest tools and technology without facing compatibility issues.


Regular updates often include bug fixes and stability improvements, reducing the likelihood of system crashes, errors, or hardware failures.


Up-to-date equipment tends to be more energy-efficient, reducing power consumption and potentially lowering operational costs.


Some industries have specific compliance requirements for the software and hardware they use. Keeping equipment updated ensures adherence to these standards.

Product Support

Manufacturers usually discontinue support for older equipment after a certain period. Upgrading to newer models ensures ongoing support and warranty coverage.


Staying current with technology and modern office equipment helps businesses remain competitive by leveraging the latest tools and solutions to stay ahead in the market.